The Leadership We Need.

With two young children attending public school and participating in rec programming in the county, Tom shares the priorities and concerns of local families. He believes in the quality of life issues that make southwest Baltimore County a great place to raise a family:

  • Excellent schools
  • Safe, pedestrian & bicyclist-friendly streets
  • Ample open space and recreational facilities

Tom grew up in a one-income family with 5 children. His father was a mechanic and his mother was a homemaker. From his parents, Tom learned the value of a dollar, an understanding of the hardships of working families and the importance of a quality education to his future. His hard work earned him the scholarships he needed to attend Western Maryland College (now McDaniel) where he triple-majored in Economics, Business Administration and Political Science.

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Trusted Advisor.

As a Certified Financial Planner™ Tom makes his living analyzing budgets and takes great pride in being a fiduciary for his clients, many of whom are close to retirement and depend on him to advise them when they can comfortably retire. During the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, Tom’s business grew through referrals from satisfied clients who trust him to understand their needs, invest appropriately and make prioritized decisions on their behalf.

In the current economic climate, Tom is uniquely qualified to provide the thoughtful, disciplined fiscal leadership that Baltimore County needs.

  • With clients in his office on Frederick Road
  • at work on Frederick Road

Local Small Business Owner.

Tom could have located his business anywhere, but he wanted to serve his neighbors and invest in the community in which he lives.

Tom understands that local business is a source of revenue that provides invaluable subsidies to our tax base. A strong local business community means:

  • Jobs stay local
  • Residents spend their money close to home
  • Local tax base stays strong
  • on Frederick Road in Catonsville
  • In his office on Frederick Road

Dedicated Activist.

  • 3 terms as President of the Oak Crest Community Association where he established the annual Community Awareness Program. The program brings together elected officials, county and state department representatives and residents to discuss the neighborhood’s pressing needs and advocate for change.
  • Coordinator of the Lansdowne High School Academy of Finance job shadowing program which gave promising youth the opportunity to see the inner workings of the financial industry first hand. Tom attended college on the advice and recommendation of his mentors and appreciated the opportunity to give those same opportunities to the next generation.
  • Board member of the Community College of Baltimore County Foundation at both the local and county level where he helped raise money for students to attend college. As a scholarship recipient Tom feels that everyone deserves the opportunity to secure their future through education.
  • Vice President of the Greater Catonsville Chamber of Commerce, Chair of the Economic Development Committee and host/organizer of the Annual Business Awards. As a local business owner Tom understands the importance of a vibrant business district to the success of a community and the county’s tax base.

By Authority, Jeff Utzinger, Treasurer, Friends of Tom Quirk